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329Gay adult weekend updates sunday the 3th

      Gay adult weekend updates sunday the 3th

      Milo Ventimiglia Thick Hard Cock Exposed !

      Actor Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the key role of Jack Pearson on 'This Is Us', has leaked a nude photo of him exposing his thick hard cock! Check it out now!

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      A Twink For A Fuck Part One

      Calixte met a very hot young man. He offered to apply for a casting for our studio. Brice only 19 years old but he knows what he wants. He wants cock in the ass and very big cock if possible! Calixte fulfilled himself perfectly, he who loves so much young guys, we have a pair of guys in heat and they will show you this in front of our camera!

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      Leo Wyatt

      Leo has amazing skin as he slowly reveals his tan smooth body. He only has some peach fuzz on him which looks golden at times when the light hits him just right. Leo doesn't shy away from the camera as he bares all for us to see. He may be skinny but those skinny men are always packing and this time is no different. Leo has a big thick cock for his size and it looks very tempting. As his cock becomes hard you can see the thickness and length. He has a very sexy dick that I'm sure our vets would love to eat right up. Leo continues to stroke his big dick and as he does he begins to spread his legs showing us his tight little pink hole which I'm sure is a virgin one. Leo doesn't hold back as he eye fucks the camera and jacks his cock until without any warning he erupts in a nice big creamy load all over his tan smooth chest. Any takers to clean this up for him?? Enjoy!

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      Bait: Javier Cruz
      Straight: Jacob
      This week, one of our favorite bait guys has returned and that guy would be Javier Cruz! He took a short break from porn but now he's back and he's hornier than ever! We love this Latin stud and he never disappoints. Javier's fat cock always stays hard and he has a great bubble butt for some hardcore pounding!

      Jacob is our straight guy this week and he came to the studio to bang a chick and get paid. Jacob is also Latin and he's packing a fat uncut cock as well! He may be only 21 years old, but he's one kinky guy with some experience under his belt. Jacob has already had a 3-way but he's never done anything with a guy. That's all about to change today!

      While both guys are sitting on the couch, cocks in hand, Caruso breaks the news that the girl can't make it. But, if they want to make double the money then they can have to have sex with each other instead. Otherwise, nobody will be making money today. So, in need of cash, and really horny, Jacob caves in and Javier takes control of the situation!

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      Young Athletic Rugby Stud Martin Aspey Puts on the Perfect Bum Show!

      Martin is a handsome lad - blond, fresh faced, this straight guy plays a lot of sport and in particular rugby - it shows on his body. He has sturdy legs and a strong upper body. He's smooth and well-endowed where it counts! He strips off for us and shows his body off, getting hard and starting to wank hard, his cock solid in his hands. He's really happy to show off his bum, pulling his cheeks apart to show off his tight hole, holding his legs up! He brings himself to orgasm, balls tightening to release his juice over his abs, and it runs down his side! Lovely!

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      Sgt. Sledge Helping Hand

      Straight off base, Sgt. Sledge, a handsome 26 year old Indiana-bred Marine, dutifully submits himself to the Major's very experienced, firm helping hand and shoots a healthy cum load onto his smooth thigh. Best part, this Sgt. is an expert at cleaning his own rifle! I mean his can suck his own dick. Enjoy!

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      Manny's Money Moves

      We have a special surprise in store for our viewers this holiday weekend. Many of you will no doubt recognize our newest model as Manny Killa, the strikingly handsome 24-year-old DJ and music producer from Chicago whose social media accounts have earned him a large and passionate fan following over the past year.

      A light-skinned bisexual "top" with a slim, sexy body and impressively THICK nine-inch dick, Manny Killa says that people are always telling him that he should try doing porn, so the timing turned out to be perfect when we finally approached him about working with us.

      "You only get one life," he explains at the start of this scene. "Some people bucket list is to jump out of a plane, mines is to be a porn star!"

      For his much-anticipated gay porn premiere, we've paired Manny Killa with the irresistibly cute and talented Luh Redd, who was thankfully willing to get on a plane with nothing but the clothes on his back and fly here at the VERY last minute when another model completely stood us up by missing his flight.

      What came depressingly close to being a total disaster turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the instant chemistry between these two complete strangers resulted in one of the most surprising and sensual scenes we've filmed in awhile!

      BBA is proud to bring you Manny Killa like you've only been able to IMAGINE him before now, making his official gay porn debut for "Black Boy Addictionz"!

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      Looking for a smoke

      In this scene, Timmy's out looking for a smoke, or is that just an excuse? He runs into Billie and soon the two of them are busy sucking cock and enjoying it a lot as you'll know from Timmy's moans. Nice juicy cock sucking and creamy facial cumshots.

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      KELLY / blowjob

      Kelly is a little college stud I met online. I will come across a cvilian once in a while that I think sort of fits the mold of the types of military guys I would hire if they were civilians. Kelly was a prime example of that. He was tall, lean, handsome, shaved head, and horny as fuck. Once I saw his pics and found out that he was interested in possibly doing some video work if the money was right. After a few conversations, we arranged to meet and let me suck his dick.

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      Robby's first time

      Robby had it in the back of his head about doing porn for a while, but just recently decided to take the leap. A bit of a late-bloomer, he lost his virginity at 18 y/o and, since then, has hit the ground running.
      He came across as stand-offish once the cameras were pointed at him; first time nerves, no doubt. So, I asked him what his friends would think if they found out he was getting naked for the world to see.
      "I don't know," he said with a shrug. And then adding, "They would probably laugh."
      It was a bit of surprise to hear that Robby wasn't a jock growing up because he's got the bod that would say otherwise. Rather, he was a skateboarder, and is currently touring around with his reggae band, obviously hitting the gym in between all that.
      Robby has quite the healthy jerk off regimen, going up to five times a day with periods of "abstinence" up to a week. Sex may have come later in life, but Robby started pulling his pud before he was even a teenager.
      What was impressive was that Robby kept his hands out of his pants for a whole five days before showing up for his shoot. And it was lucky that I had the camera ready as quickly as I did once he got the thumbs up for his big finish. Within seconds he grabbed his cock and was ready to blow his thick load.

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      Kyle Savage's Juicy Jack-Off

      Sexy daddy Kyle Savage needs to blow a load, and he's thinking about you while he does it. Watch this stud ooze pre-cum as he talks dirty to the camera, before fucking himself with a fat dildo to help him reach an explosive climax!

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