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Gay adult weekend update friday the 29th

    gay adult weekend update friday the29th ... The reality television star - Scott Disick s big hard cockhas leaked online! You don t want to miss this! See more
    第 1 個訊息,共 2 個 , 2017年9月29日
      gay adult weekend update friday the 29th

      Scott Disick hacked pic reveals huge hard cock !

      The reality television star - Scott Disick's big hard cock has leaked online! You don't want to miss this!

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      Made in Bordeaux

      Here we are in Bordeaux where we invited a Belgian named Seb Destructor ansin that Magnum. The two young guys have a big cock and are top! Magnum agrees for the beautiful Seb Destructor to get screwed, and raw! A good video watered juice!

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      Paul M

      The recruits keep falling in waiting for their chance to be a part of this great squadron. For today's test run to see if he has the guts to become a soldier is Paul M who is a nice ripe age of 27 standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 180lbs of sexy. His smooth creamy skin and lack of tattoos makes for a great view on this fit recruit. His hard cock and furry balls are worthy of more than just his strong hands stroking his shaft. Paul gets his dick rock hard as he strokes every inch of it while letting some precum ooze out. The sounds of lube while he masturbates makes for a sexy stroke session as he builds up to his climax releasing his hot load all over his own dick as it drools out from the tip of his pulsating cock. Enjoy!

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      Bait: Bo Hendrixx
      Straight: Chris
      Bo Hendrixx has returned to the studio again this week but this time he's brought a friend. Bo spends a ton of time at the gym and while waiting for a machine to become available, he struck up a conversation with a straight Cuban hunk named Chris and they became good friends.

      Bo is really built and really tall! He stands at 6'5'', weighs 215, and is packing a 9'' cock! Bo is also a MMA fighter so when he's not at the gym, he's burning calories while kicking ass. He still hooks up with girls but since his last time here, he's been testing the waters a bit more and hooking up with guys as well!

      Chris is wanting to bulk up so he started training with Bo and once the pair became more friendly, Bo told him that he can make some extra cash by doing gay for pay porn. Chris was hesitant at first but he really needed the money and Bo has been wanting to get his mouth on his 8.5'' uncut cock!

      Since Bo already did the work in advance, Chris was already informed as to what was going to happen and he was ready to try it out. These two hunks wasted no time and got right down to business!

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      Straight Hunk Albie's 1st Man Wank & Plays with Joe's Rock Hard Uncut Cock!

      It seems on my bed there's lots of muscle today! Joe is a handsome, tattooed muscular lad with a very naughty and adventurous streak and a cheeky grin. Albie is a solidly built muscle guy - handsome, blond and happy to experiment! We've paired these together and they start testing who is the strongest - press ups, arm wrestling and a bit of body on body rough and tumble - it's hot to watch these two men show off together! They start wanking separately, both big uncut thick cocks, they press their cocks together, then wank each other, tugging each other off. They show off their holes, before Joe wanks Albie until he cums, thick and white man juice all over him! The Joe finishes himself off, making two big messes!

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      Houston Webcam Solo

      Straight off base, Corporal Houston, is a beefy and nicely muscled 21 year old Marine cowboy stud from the great state of Texas who stands at 5’10” and weighs in at 205 lbs. Houston returns to the Major’s quarters to rub another one out for several of his online webcam friends with the Major directi..

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      Before They Were Stars: Lil Tyga

      We're digging deep into the archives this weekend for this special bonus footage from one of Lil Tyga's earliest and previously unreleased scenes.

      It features none other than Joshua aka Mr. "Cakes On Deck" himself, who (fun fact) Lil Tyga briefly dated before going on to become one of BBA's most popular and iconic stars.

      Unfortunately, this was one of those scenes that started off with a lot of potential, but ultimately failed to turn out like I'd hoped and expected. Let's just say Joshua's ego was even bigger than his notoriously spectacular ass, and this shoot abruptly ended in a heated argument and me almost calling the cops!

      The video-shoot still has its fair share of hot moments, however, so I've finally decided to share this "lost" footage with those of you who want to witness for yourselves what went down when Joshua and Lil Tyga agreed to give us an intimate peek into their private bedroom....

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      Hot and steamy shower

      Here's another hot solo jackoff video from Eric Austyn, this time in a hot and steamy shower.

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      BOBBY4 / anal

      One of my favorite studs in the world Bobby is back again and I dressed him up in his Blues and asked him if he would do me the honor of coming in and fucking the shit out of me again! He replied with a yes...well...not without a little financial coaxing which we agreed too. Watch how this little pint sized Marine with a huge honker makes me scream with extasy! I've always had a fantasy to suck off a Marine in his blues and today I had that opportunity with one of the hottest Marines I have on my rooster. Bobby arrived dressed and I quickly wasted no time in getting everything squared away to get the cameras rolling.

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      Brantley: qwicky
      Brantley has always been the type of guy to push the limits; do something risky just for the thrill of possibly getting caught.
      We were making our way down the stairwell of a parking garage while out do some sightseeing when Brantley's eyes got a little glimmer in them.
      "We should do a video in here," he said without a hint of facetiousness.
      Brantley's gears were turning, coming up with another twist at the last second. After stripping down and watching some porn on his phone for a few minutes, he turned on the video camera on his phone and started filming himself.
      It ended up as a hot "picture-in-picture" of Brantley blowing his load, simultaneously seen from the wide angle cameras and a close-up from the phone's view.

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      Grayson Emory Ford slams Barlow Jackson

      Grayson Emory Ford and his cute boy Barlow Jackson love some outdoor fucking on a warm afternoon. Grayson sure knows how to deep throat some dark meat, but Barlow can't wait to get Grayson's thick cock deep inside him, and feel those over-sized balls slamming against his tight ass, using his talented sphincter to milk the cum right out of his daddy

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      Virusvrij. www.avast.com
      Gay adult weekend update friday the29th ... Oscar winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio has leaked a nude photo of himexposing his big hard cock! Check it out! See
      第 2 個訊息,共 2 個 , 2017年12月29日
        Gay adult weekend update friday the 29th

        Leonardo DiCaprio Nude Photo Leaked !

        Oscar winner actor Leonardo DiCaprio has leaked a nude photo of him exposing his big hard cock! Check it out!

        See more Hollywood-male-celebrity scandals this weekend at Hollywood-Xposed.com

        Massimo Fucks Fabien Footeux Bareback

        Massimo Fucks Fabien Footeux Bareback.
        Massimo is a young Italian that Fabien met last night at a sneaker party in Milan. The two young guys meet in Fabien's room for a more intimate evening. They were both 28 years old and are both sneakers and socks feet fetish.Massimo will fuck bareback Fabien soccer players who groans with pleasure.

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        Mathias is wearing his X-Mas hat which he has had for many years. He slowly undresses and reveals his massive veiny cock as he begins to slowly stroke his big dick. You can hear the excitement as he moans with pleasure stroking his thick shaft. His body is in peak physical condition as he uses his fingers to play with his eager tight hole. He grips his cock with the strength of a bear making it pulsate for the camera and he tugs on his balls making them jingle all the way. Mathias didn't just want this to be a stroke session so he incorporated some amazing show and tell and by that I mean he begins to slowly move his hips back and forth while showing off every muscle on his amazing fit body. A long stroking and showing off session can make you thirsty as he takes a quick break to tell our viewers that it's time now for the cum shot. He lies back on the couch and starts to beat his cock fast until his balls can't hold his nut in no longer and he shoots his thick creamy load all over his ripped abs. We hope you enjoyed Mathias's X-Mas special and from everyone here at AD we wish you safe Holidays and a Happy New Year. Enjoy!

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        Bait: Cesar Rossi
        Straight: Bentley Michael

        Cesar Rossi is back at the studio and this time he brought along a friend. Bentley Michael is Cesar's longtime friend that's going to go gay for pay! Bentley is straight and never knew how Cesar was making a ton of extra money. So, while both guys were getting drunk at a bar, Bentley asked Cesar how he's making all of his cash. Cesar decided to just tell the truth and even though he was surprised, Bentley told Cesar that he would be willing to do a scene with him so he can make some extra money as well.

        Cesar arranged the setup and both guys showed up at the studio to make their plan happen. Cesar led the way and Bentley went all in. After kissing and sucking cock, it was time for Cesar to get fucked by Bentley's 9 inch cock! It was a monster but Cesar's hard bubble butt took it like a champ! By the end of the scene, Bentley sprays his load on Cesar's face and in his mouth before shoving his cock back down Cesar's throat!

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        Young Tall Blond Lad Howard Saracen Shows Us His Big 8 Inch Uncut Cock!

        Howard Saracen is a tall lean young lad, he was initially a little shy, but when his clothes come off he is starts enjoying the experience of doing shoots! He strips off and shows us his body, his uncut cock gets hard and gets very thick and long, Howard wanks it hard for us and films it too, before showing us his smooth bum, and pulling his legs back, balls bouncing as he tugs himself. His balls tighten and he unloads, shooting it over his lean body.

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        BRENT: Helping Hand

        Straight off base, Navy Corpsman "Doc" Brent swings over to the Major's penthouse following a long deployment to Iraq with his Marines. Doc Brent is 23 years old, stands at 5'6", weighs in at 135 lbs and has a nice 6.5 inch uncut cock sporting a "Prince Albert" piercing. He's experienced a good amount of sex including group action, 3-ways and even some hot first-time guy/guy fun that went on for several hours! With the able assistance of the Major's firm and experienced helping hand, Doc Brent unleashes a mighty stream of thick DevilDoc cum onto his thigh and across the couch!

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        Naughty Or Nice?

        Saint the Santa is trying to find out who's been "naughty or nice" because he has a special surprise in store for BBA's viewers.

        "You ready to FUCK MY ASS?" Trapp asks Saint in his deep, sexy voice after being reunited with him for the first time since last summer.

        They're shocking words that I wasn't sure we'd EVER hear come out of the cocky straight thug's mouth. But what better time than the holiday season to make your BBA porn dreams come true?

        New update this weekend at Blackboyaddictionz.com

        Zack Knight Tries a FleshJack

        Zack wanted to try out a FleshJack, and wouldn't you know it... we just happened to have one... so sit back and watch him enjoy it!

        New update this weekend at Boysnation.com

        TYLER2 / blowjob

        Everybody remembers Tyler! I introduced you all to him a little while back in an amazing blowjob scene that I loved so much I brought him back. In his cammies he agreed to another blowjob scene and gave this young little stud one of the best blowjobs this boy has received. You will only see Tyler here at militaryclassified !

        New update this weekend at Militaryclassified.com

        Oliver's first massage

        When Oliver heard about the massage shoots, he was all about doing one. As he put it, he likes happy endings, so why not? His girlfriend, when she heard he was coming back, wasn't quite as enthusiastic.
        It wasn't too much a surprise to hear that he'd never gotten an erotic rub-down before, not even in foreplay. But he hadn't even gotten a regular massage, despite his years of playing soccer. We were checking off a couple new experiences for him that day.

        New update this weekend at Spunkworthy.com

        Tancredo Buff

        Burly Latino Tancredo Buff wants to work his meat for you. He's fantasising about exploring your hole with his thick dark cock, probing deep inside you for maximum pleasure...

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