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Gay adult weekend update sunday the 10th

    Gay adult weekend update sunday the 10th ... Gossip Girl hunk Kevin Zegers has leaked a nude photo of him showinghis big hard cock! Check it out now! See more
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      Gay adult weekend update sunday the 10th

      Kevin Zegers Hard Cock Photo Leaked !

      Gossip Girl hunk Kevin Zegers has leaked a nude photo of him showing his big hard cock! Check it out now!

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      A Twink For A Fuck Part Two

      Calixte met a very hot young man. He offered to apply for a casting for our studio. Brice only 19 years old but he knows what he wants. He wants cock in the ass and very big cock if possible! Calixte fulfilled himself perfectly, he who loves so much young guys, we have a pair of guys in heat and they will show you this in front of our camera!

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      First Time Bottoming For Mathias

      Mathias is ready to take it to the next step but first he has Quentin wrap his mouth around his cock for a nice sultry BJ. Quentin loves Mathias's veiny hard cock throbbing in his mouth and he is fired up to take that virgin ass. Quentin will be doing all the work so he kicks back and lets Mathias worship his rock hard cock. Mathias missed his hard dick and you can tell by the way he sucks on that meat. He might be super excited to give his sweet hole up to Quentin and it shows as he gives Quentin one of his best BJs ever. Quentin slowly pushes into Mathias. It takes a few slow pushes but soon enough he is in balls deep. Quentin can't believe he is inside this unbelievable tight ass. Mathias just might enjoy being a bottom more than a top by the looks on his face and all the moans coming from him. Mathias's cock is so sensitive while being fucked so he has Quentin pull out and he nuts all over Mathias's hard cock which makes him finally release his built upload. Enjoy!

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      Bait: Trey Turner
      Straight: Sean
      The big, the bold, the buff, Trey Turner is back as our bait guy this week! Christmas is right around the corner and Trey could use a little cash. But, what he really needs is to get his ass stuffed with some straight cock!

      Sean is this week's straight guy and he's really ripped as well! At 30 years old, and looking this fine, Sean doesn't have any trouble getting laid. He just wants to get paid as well so he came in to see if he could bang a girl and make some money in the process. Though this stud says he loves Spanish girls with big asses, the only big Latin ass he's going to be shoving his 8.5 incher in today is Trey!

      Trey and Sean stroked their cocks while Caruso went to check on the talent. When he returns, it's bad news. The girl can't make it today but, if both guys have sex with each other then Caruso can double the money! It took a little convincing but Sean finally caved in and Trey went right for his cock!

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      Straight Pup Young Jack Montague's 1st Manhandling & a Nice Big Load of Cum is Squirted!

      Jack Montague is a really good looking young lad - fresh faced, smiley and very easy on the eye! He's lean and fit - muscular while retaining a natural look from playing lots of sport. He's relaxed on camera, but was wary about whether to do anything with another guy, but agreed to a massage - so he starts with a bit of baby oil on him, and we massage his legs and back, then we slowly pull down his pants, showing his pert bum and he flips over and lets his cock be massage until its solid - thick and meaty! He films some it himself, and also shows off his bum. Then he lets himself get wanked until he shoots - a far reaching cumshot - sploosh up to his chest!

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      Corporal Kodie: Solo with Toys

      Straight off base, Corporal Kodie, is a tatted up, very well-ripped 21 year old Marine stud from New York who stands at 5'7" and weighs in at 145 lbs. Corporal Kodie just spent the past week in the field "running and gunning" with his battle-buddies on a few training exercises and he returns to the Major's quarters once again to rub one out for the Major's camera and bank some extra spending cash for the weekend with his new girlfriend. He proudly packs a very hard 7 inch devildog dick and the Major encourages him to experiment with a few toys on his hairy virgin ass to pop his own cherry! Kodie soon busts a nice thick cum load down the shaft of his wet cock before hitting the showers.

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      ON SALE: Staxx In His Stocking

      We're celebrating the Christmas season this year with an action-packed holiday special featuring the return of a much-missed fan favorite as well as a surprise out-of-town guest.

      Earlier this year, BBA model Cory visited Atlanta for the city's Black Pride, where he had a chance to meet and mingle with others in the porn industry. As fate would have it, it was there that he met Staxx, a former college basketball player turned up-and-coming "porn star" who has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most exciting new faces on the scene today.

      As most of you already know, I usually prefer filming fresh faces over more familiar "porn stars." But from the moment I first saw this tall, sexy athlete's pics on Cory's Tumblr blog (he stands at 6'6" and weighs a muscular 200 pounds), I was instantly smitten and knew that Staxx was going to have to be a special exception!

      Before now, Cory and Staxx had only "made out" and stolen a quick blowjob in the back of a car. But they've been asking to do a scene together since meeting in August, so I figured what better Christmas present for one of BBA's most popular models (and BBA's viewers) than bringing Staxx to town for a special visit and making Cory's dream scene come true....

      This epic holiday special is jam-packed with a little bit of everything to celebrate this fun and festive time of year: costumes, chocolate, whipped cream, strawberries, and let's just say you'll never look at CANDY CANES in quite the same way again.

      If you're one of those freaky fans who've been wanting to see Cory finally take some dick RAW, then you'll also be excited to know that he makes his exclusive BAREBACK debut in this scene!

      This is one of those special scenes where my biggest editing challenge was choosing what NOT to include. The edited version alone is well over a FULL HOUR long!

      Don't miss the multiple-"nutt"-draining holiday action that includes tons of tongue-kissing, dick-sucking, ass-licking, and fucking as two of the hottest boys working in black gay porn today finally consummate their lust (and maybe more) for each other and enjoy one of the most sensual and uniquely erotic encounters I've ever filmed....

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      Secret Tracking

      In this scene, Billie gets with newcomer Zack Knight, whom he's been secretly stalking for awhile. Now that they're together and have some privacy, they're gonna mess around. Billie has his mind set on Zack's cute ass and hard dick and Zack's horny enough to try anything.

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      RANDALL2 / blowjob

      Randall is one of the few red heads I've had on the website and I'm sure you all remember him from his debut video here a few months back. As I've mentioned before I have a soft spot for red heads and I'm not sure what it is but for some reason I find them interesting. Randall is quite a Marine.... that is a quite proper, polite and respectful Marine and it's those that I always find out later are the nastiest. Randall came back for another one of my famous blowjobs that apparently he hasn't been able to find elsewhere.

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      Donnie's Massage

      Donnie was, as he admitted, pretty nervous about doing a happy-ending massage shoot. That much was obvious even before the cameras were rolling. He'd never done anything with a guy before, so we were breaking some new boundaries.
      But, as he explained it, he's comfortable with his body and figured that trying something new, like this, was par for the course in the porn world.
      I liked his attitude.
      And, apparently, Donnie was more on board than maybe even he realized. At least his cock was which was growing stiffer by the second as soon as he lay on the massage table.
      Donnie had quite the handful to work with. Two handfuls, to be exact. As I made my way across his body and slowly teasing his shaft, Donnie's body quivered, as if he was fighting back cumming to soon. It was hot to see this young straight guy lose control so soon.
      Once the end game was in mind, it barely took much to push Donnie up the edge. He was a quiet one and the cumshot was a sneaker. With the slightest movements of his hips, pushing his cock into my hands, Donnie let loose at load that splattered his furry stomach.

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      Flip Fucking with Mickey Carpathio and Tancredo Buff

      Michel Carpathio gets the fuck of of his life when dark-skinned, big-dicked daddy Tancredo Buff arrives at his apartment. Mickey is hungry to get Tancredo's fat shaft all the way down the back of his throat, and all the way into his ass. Just when he's about to blow, Mickey turns the tables and rams his cock deep into Tancredo's hole, blowing his load in a huge spray.

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