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Gay adult weekend update friday the 15th

    Gay adult weekend update friday the15th ... The star of TV series Timeless has leaked a video of him showing hisbig hard cock! Check it out now! See more
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      Gay adult weekend update friday the 15th

      Matt Lanter hard cock video leaked !

      The star of TV series 'Timeless' has leaked a video of him showing his big hard cock! Check it out now!

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      David Circus fucks Mike Tiger's ass with his big cock

      Dave Circus fucks Mike Tiger's ass with his big cock. David is back and we introduce him to a guy who wants to fuck with him. Mike Tiger discovered David's videos on our site and when he saw the size of his cock, he asked us to arrange a meeting. Finally David is available for a new video, Mike will love to blow his ass by the big machine.

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      Poleski has a timid look to him as he introduces himself. He begins to feel more and more comfortable as he takes off his clothes. This is a good kid having a great time. He's got a great veiny cock that sticks straight up into the air with some amazing smooth tasty balls just waiting for some action. Poleski is as smooth as they come and he shows off his young fit body perfectly. Poleski got so excited when he first started jacking for us that he came close to nutting but like a pro, he eased up his strokes and balanced himself out to give us a very nice sexy show. His cock throbs directly in front of the camera wishing it had an eager mouth sucking deep. His sexy balls are full and ready to explode as he strokes his throbbing cock a few more times releasing his built up nut all over his smooth young chest. Enjoy!

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      Bait: Ceasar
      Straight: Cortez
      The last time that Ceasar was here, he actually enjoyed his experience so much that Caruso sent him home with a challenge... Buy a strap-on for his girlfriend and have her use it on him to see if he likes it. If he does, then he should come back for the real thing. Well, Ceasar and his girlfriend bought a strap-on and she fucked his big bubble butt good and hard! He liked it so much that he decided to give Caruso a call to see if he could come back and trick a straight guy into fucking him. Of course, Caruso agreed and started his search for the perfect straight guy.

      Meet Cortez! He's this week's straight guy and he's going to be the lucky one to fuck Ceasar's virgin hole! Hopefully, Ceasar will be able to take all 8 inches of thick straight cock that Cortez has to offer!

      Once again, the girl won't be showing up so Caruso had to break the news to these two horny men that unless they have sex with each other, nobody will be making money. Still hard and horny, Cortez agrees and before you know it, he's fingering and fucking Ceasar's rock hard ass!

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      Young, Tall & Straight Pup Otto Davies gets his 1st Manhandling & Shoots a Nice Load!

      Otto Davies is a straight guy, tall and handsome, with a great body - he kind of likes the idea that people get off while watching him, which is a great start to the shoot! He's got amazing abs, which he reveals for us, then strips off to his underwear ready to get his first massage and manhandling from a guy. We start by massaging his backs and legs and slowly pull down his pants showing his pert bum! He flips over and his massive uncut cock is already rock hard, a little gentle rubbing and its standing right to attention! He lets it get properly wanked, thick and long, until his body tenses, his head goes back, and his balls tighten - he shoots a nice load all over those ripped abs!

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      Kodie & Landon Suck & Fuck

      Synopsis: Straight off base, Corporal Kodie meets up with the Major to "take things a bit further" from his recent solo encounter with a few toys. Kodie gets introduced to Sergeant Landon who has been summoned by the Major to assist Kodie in "crossing the line" with his first guy-on-guy experience. Kodie and Landon start the action off with getting each other "at attention" with some mutual jerk off action. Then Landon gets to swallow Kodie's throbbing 7 inch weaponry, and after several minutes of getting his hard cock chowed down on, Corporal Kodie gets asked by the Major if he's ever fucked anyone in the ass before. Kodie replies "No, I haven't, but this guy I'm going to fuck the shit out of!" He dutifully follows the Major's direct order to "rail Sergeant Landon's ass hard" and begins to pound away with exceptional skill and true Devildog determination. Kodie eventually pulls his cock out of Landon's tight hole and unloads his thick Marine jizz onto Landon's nut sack. Sergeant Landon then explodes with a really massive cum load across his chest onto the pillows behind his head.

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      Staxx In His Stocking

      We're celebrating the Christmas season this year with an action-packed holiday special featuring the return of a much-missed fan favorite as well as a surprise out-of-town guest.
      Earlier this year, BBA model Cory visited Atlanta for the city's Black Pride, where he had a chance to meet and mingle with others in the porn industry. As fate would have it, it was there that he met Staxx, a former college basketball player turned up-and-coming "porn star" who has quickly earned a reputation as one of the most exciting new faces on the scene today.......

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      No diving part one

      In this scene, fuckbuddies Christian and Robbie are playing around in the pool when their hormones get the best of them. So they move it to the living room and have a great time sucking and fucking until the cum starts flowing!

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      RUSS / blowjob

      I want to introduce a new Marine I met recently online while I was doing my usual solicitations in the chat rooms. I saw Russ' ad on Craigslist in the casual encounters section which means only one thing.. he's looking for pussy. I immediately answered his ad, yes believe it or not I answered his M4W ad to see If he might be responsive to making some money, and surprisingly enough he was but not after carefully drilling me with 100 questions which I was accustomed too. In the end, I convinced this Oceanside hottie to drive his motorcycle up to my place to make some money and get the blowjob of his life.

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      Donnie's Massage

      Donnie was, as he admitted, pretty nervous about doing a happy-ending massage shoot. That much was obvious even before the cameras were rolling. He'd never done anything with a guy before, so we were breaking some new boundaries.
      But, as he explained it, he's comfortable with his body and figured that trying something new, like this, was par for the course in the porn world. I liked his attitude.
      And, apparently, Donnie was more on board than maybe even he realized. At least his cock was which was growing stiffer by the second as soon as he lay on the massage table. Donnie had quite the handful to work with. Two handfuls, to be exact. As I made my way across his body and slowly teasing his shaft, Donnie's body quivered, as if he was fighting back cumming to soon. It was hot to see this young straight guy lose control so soon.
      Once the end game was in mind, it barely took much to push Donnie up the edge. He was a quiet one and the cumshot was a sneaker. With the slightest movements of his hips, pushing his cock into my hands, Donnie let loose at load that splattered his furry stomach.

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      Flip Fucking with Mickey Carpathio and Tancredo Buff

      Michel Carpathio gets the fuck of of his life when dark-skinned, big-dicked daddy Tancredo Buff arrives at his apartment. Mickey is hungry to get Tancredo's fat shaft all the way down the back of his throat, and all the way into his ass. Just when he's about to blow, Mickey turns the tables and rams his cock deep into Tancredo's hole, blowing his load in a huge spray.

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